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Please go through the frequently asked questions first and if you dot find the answer you are looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions


Sender ID Customization is now available in as a premium service. you have to pre-register your sender ID with us. there will be a setup fee and a monthly fee for custom sender ID. Please contact us for more details.
Please remember, 2 way SMS will be disabled if you use custom sender ID

Yes. The maximum length of text message is 918 characters including spaces. if you send more than 153 characters in English (140 Chr in Eco route)  or 66 Characters in other languages you will get charged for multiple messages and the message will be sent as a concatenated message. Recipient handset will join multiple message parts together and display a single extra-length message.

SMS messages sent via our Priority/AlphaNumeric/Professhional Routes typically delivered to a mobile phone number within 3 seconds.

SMS messages sent via Economy route will be qued in fifo basis and the speed of delivery will be given a lower priority. if you are using our online SMS portal the approximate delivery time will be shown before sending messages. takes privacy very seriously. We will not copy or disclose any User messages,personal information and recipient numbers.

However we will keep message logs in our servers for 3 months for complaint handling purposes.

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We use a credit system for billing. one credit is Rs. 1.38.
when you recharge your account with Rs. 1000/- we credit your account with 724Cr. (724×1.38= Rs.1,000/-)
Priority SMS Costs 01 credit (1×1.38= Rs.1.38)
Economy SMS Costs 0.5 Credits (0.5×1.38=Rs. 0.69)

You can choose to be alerted when the number of message credits left on your account reaches a given threshold.

If the number of credits left on your account has dropped below your given threshold, then an SMS alert will be sent to your registered Mobile number

The Low Credits Alert threshold can be set from the “Low Balance Alert” option of Account Overview Panel.

A setting of 0 (zero) in this field turns off this function, and you will not be alerted when your number of credits reaches 0 (zero).

Please note that if you choose to be alerted by SMS, then any SMS messages sent will be charged to your account.

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you can use %0a or -NLC- in your message (Please note that this consume 3 and 5 characters from your message)
example 1 : line1%0aline2
example 2 : line1-NLC-line2

It may be possible that your hosting provider is blocking external file access. In such events you should use cURL Script. Copy and past-able script is provided in

Most of the SMS Integration plugins support

One of the easiest to use is Contact Form 7 SMS Integration Plugin

You can generate sms from your website even without an SMS plugin. just generate an Email and use our Email2SMS gateway to convert the email to an SMS

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