The Email 2 SMS (SMTP API) allows messages that are sent via e-mail to be converted to SMS.
what is unique with is you don’t have to upload your contacts to the Textit server, simply type or generate the email and our system will convert it to SMS to anywhere in the world.

Broadcast MMS

Email Generation :

To : OR
Subject : <Recipient No>
Body : <User ID>#<Password>#<Message>

eg. if your user id is 94123456789 and password is 1234, to send the message ‘Hello World’, the body of the email should be as ,




  • Please make sure the email is in Plain Text format.
  • All SMS sent through Email 2 SMS gateway will be treated as “Economy” Messages
  • expect a delay of Approx. 05 Mins when you use the Email2SMS API
  • Please make sure the text is formatted in url safe format (Replace spaces with + mark or %20, etc)