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Just about every one of them has a mobile phone in their pocket. create a dynamic dialogue between your business and your customers through SMS messaging solution. Test-drive the Sri Lanka's pioneer SMS Platform and experience the full power of the future of communication.

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We were one of the first SMS gateway providers in Sri Lanka (and we are very proud of that) and most probably the only SMS gateway service provider with in house SMS servers which does not rely on third party SMS gateways.

So you can be assured that your SMS will be delivered on time with 100% delivery rate for the lowest rate in the market. Yes ! we give you the lowest price in the market, NO setup fees, No Monthly fees and absolutely no hidden fees. we guarantee the lowest rate. if you find a lower rate than ours, we will match the price !!!

The first SMS message sent through our system was in 2011. Thousands of individuals, government institutions and private sector companies, from small businesses to large multinationals have followed. Which means whatever your angle or application for SMS - there's a pretty good chance we'll have come across it before and we will be able to give you an unparalleled technical support

We simply promise to give you the access to the best possible SMS gateway for the lowest rates in the market.